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We love building  
Web applications

Success in web development requires

a delicate balance between technology and people. 

Every project has business constraints, such as time, scope, budget, and goals.

Our expert team specializes in finding the perfect balance to meet your needs. Whether you are a startup or a corporation, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality code while remaining flexible and adaptable throughout the development process.

I take code


Yuval Bar Levi, CEO & Founder

Yuval Bar Levi, Haiku CEO & Founder


My name is Yuval Bar Levi, and I have been a software developer since 2011.
My Tech Journey includes working with many different types of companies, teams, and projects, from working with startups in the early stages to creating

huge products for the global market.

My passion is combining the top of both worlds - moving with great agility like startups do while still creating stable products and maintainable code. I always search for new ways to save time with automation and improve development efficiency while generating high-quality code.


While building systems and writing code is my passion, I believe our work and code are all about serving people - our clients and their users. Our job is to find the harmonious combination of writing the best code possible under our clients' business constraints and goals.

I take code personally and am excited to see our clients succeed and their products rock.

Let's discuss how we can help you bring your vision to life.

Our (excellent) Team!

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Yuval Bar Levi, Haiku CEO & Founder
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.Yuval Bar Levy

CEO, WEB Architect

Hen Bar Levy, Tech Lead at Haiku
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Hen Bar Levy

Tech Lead & Superhero

Sergey beker, Developer at Haiku
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Sergey beker

Developer & Superstar

Hadar Hudara, Developer at Haiku
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Hadar Hudara

Developer & Superawasome

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